WHLP Products Technology Appraisal Meeting

2017-11-03 15:52:08
 Wuhan Line Power Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. on Nov 28,2009 held a meeting about 72.5kV to 252kV power station pillar composite insulator series products technology appraisal.The meeting was organized and identified by China Electricity Coucil,with comrade Su zhiyi from China Electric Power Academy served as the chairman of the meeting,with comrade Yang yingjian from State Grid Electric Power Research Institute,Zheng huaiqing from State Grid Electric Power AC Construction Branch,Li yongwei from State Electric Engineering Consulting Group Company served as the vice president of the meeting.
 The experts involved in this appraisal also included  comrade Wu Jingke from State Grid Operational Branch,Yao junrui from Xi’an High Voltage Electric Research Institute,Wu guangya from State Grid Electric Power Research Institute,Wei peng from Xi’an High Voltage Electric Research Institute,Chen yonghua from China Southern Power Grid Corporation,Li xiaolin from China Southern Power Grid Corporation Technology Research Center,Zhang Junfeng from Fujian Provincial Electric Power Company,Wang Gang from  South China Electric Power Design Institute,Ma zhijian from North China Electric Power Design Institute,Zhang Yu from Central China Power Grid Company,Zhou huamin from Guan Dong Provincial Electric Power Company and Lin feng from Hunan Provincial Electric Power Company.
First,the general manager Daihui made welcome speech in the meeting,introducing the basic situation of the company to the expert leaders and industry stakeholders participated in this appraisal,and expressed his welcome for their taking the time to participate the meeting.Then the deputy director Zhao yiping from technology department who was  responsible for the product Q&A work,made detail explanation from the aspects of technical design,process and procedures on the eight products which need to be identified.Finally the chairman Li zhiguo made thanks speech to all the expert leaders and industry  stakeholders,and expressed his sincere thanks for their hard work,thanks for making valuable guidance to the company development. 
The appraisal committee listened to reports of the company’s research and summary,examined the appraisal data, based on the on-site sampling inspection report of the production site which was first examined by some members,reached the following conclusion after careful discussion. 
1.The identification data provided by the company was complete,correct and uniform,in line with the requirements of product technical appraisal,could guide the production.     
2.The company products were tested by National Insulator Lightning Arrester Quality Supervision Inspection Center and by Electric Power Industry Electrical Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center.The tabulation was in line with the requirements of "Composite Insulators for Pillar with AC Voltage Above 1000V Substation - Definitions, Test Methods and Acceptance Criteria" (draft for approval of national standard, IEC62231: 2006 MOD), DL / T1048-2007 and Q / WLN / QJ0101-2009.The products passed stereotypes test.The spot test results qualified.     
3.The company’s products used cylindrical solid pull rods,crimp-style end connections,double seal inside and outside,three sets of overal injection molding, reasonable product design and structure,high mechanical strength,small decentralization, excellent electrical performance.The  stain  resistance performance could meet the filthy area use requirements.
4.The company had advanced production equipment and complete test equipment,which could satisfy the mass production requirement.     
5.The company had passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. 
In summary,the appraisal committee believed that the comprehensive technical performance of the series products had reached the international advanced  level of the similar products.The application of φ120mm pull rod for 252kV/20kN pillar composite insulator was domestic initiative.It was agreed that the series products passed the identification and could be put into mass production.Besides,the committee also made valuable suggestion to the company.   
The company through this appraisal gains much and has more in depth understanding of product market.According to the recommendation of experts and leaders,we gradually carry out the company development work.The company all staff in one heart,jointly accept the challenge.We are all Line People standing on the shoulders of gaints,and we have the determination to overcome difficulties.